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Online course featuring Former Secretary of Defense & GRI Founding Director explores what can be done about the threat of nuclear terrorism

In a free online course, former Secretary of Defense William J. Perry and a team of international experts — including Global Resilience Institute Founding Director Dr. Stephen Flynn — explore what can be done about the threat of nuclear terrorism.

“The Threat of Nuclear Terrorism” course is offered by Stanford Online and begins on Oct 17, with no required prerequisites. Upon completion of the course, students can earn a signed Statement of Accomplishment after watching the lecture videos and completing weekly peer assessment tasks.

“Is the threat of nuclear terrorism real? Listen to Graham Allison, Martha Crenshaw, David Holloway and Joe Martz as they investigate the evidence with myself and selected Stanford students,” writes Perry in the course description. “What would be the consequences of a nuclear terror attack? The scenario is difficult to imagine, but Alex Wellerstein and Lynn Eden help me and our students understand just what could happen if the worst case occurs, and how we can work to limit the damage. What can we do to prevent or mitigate this risk? Participate as I explore this crucial question with the help of Stephen Flynn, Rachel Bronson, Valerie Plame Wilson, Ellen Tauscher and Jeffrey Lewis.”

The course is split into the following five sections:

  • Week 1: Who Are the Terrorists? What Do They Want?
    Dr. William J. Perry, Dr. Graham Allison, Dr. Martha Crenshaw
  • Week 2: What Are the Historical and Contemporary Security Issues with Nuclear Weapons and Materials?
    Dr. William J. Perry, Dr. Graham Allison, Dr. David Holloway, Valerie Plame Wilson
  • Week 3: Could a Terrorist Group Make a Nuclear Bomb? If a Terrorist Group Made an Improvised Nuclear Device, Could They Deliver It to One of Our Cities?
    Dr. William J. Perry, Dr. Stephen Flynn, Dr. Joseph Martz
  • Week 4: What Would Be the Consequences of an Improvised Nuclear Device’s Detonation in a U.S. City?
    Dr. William J. Perry, Dr. Lynn Eden, Dr. Alex Wellerstein
  • Week 5: What Has Been Done to Lower the Likelihood of a Nuclear Terror Event, or to Mitigate the Damage if We Experience One?
    Dr. William J. Perry, Dr. Graham Allison, Dr. Rachel Bronson, Dr. Jeffrey Lewis, Rep. Ellen Tauscher

Interested parties can register for the course prior to the start date. After the course begins on October 17, a “direct access” button will allow exploration of the course without enrolling.

For more information, or to register, CLICK HERE