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Advancing Societal Resilience: OECD welcomes Global Resilience Institute Founding Director Dr. Stephen Flynn for NAEC seminar

Global Resilience Institute (GRI) Founding Director Dr. Stephen Flynn addressed the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) for the latest in its series of “New Approaches to Economic Challenges” (NAEC) Seminars.

Launched in September 2013 by the 36-member-country intergovernmental economic organisation, OECD’s monthly seminar series offers a program of discussions on key global issues. During his September 25 seminar, Dr. Flynn made the case for resilience as a competitive advantage — for companies, individuals, and communities.

“Resilience is an imperative and it’s an urgent imperative that we must get out in front of,” said Dr. Flynn. “The rational for this is not because there are more shocks — it looks like from climate generated ones there are — but that’s not the qualitative driver for why we need to focus on resilience. It isn’t that the shocks themselves are more intense — though that’s also looking to be the case in the climate realm — but it is because they are so much more consequential because what used to be a local shock is now cascading in ways that are incredibly costly.”

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