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Algiers contains two of New Orleans’ 25 Opportunity Zones and is the only New Orleans neighborhood that is located on the West bank of the Mississippi River. Predominantly residential and low-density, the area has local charm and a village-like atmosphere, and includes an area designated as a local historic district: Algiers Point. Federal City, a major U.S. Naval Support Area and one of New Orleans’s largest economic development districts, is also located in Algiers. Despite Algiers’ physical location enabling it to avoid much of the flooding that frequently overwhelms much of the Parish, it has not seen the same level of investment and economic activity as in many other parts of the city. Underpinning the differences between the East and West banks of the river is the physical isolation that the river provides. Often a barrier between the residential population and their commute to the city’s downtown as well as between the city’s tourist population and Algiers’ historic sights, the river is central to the identity and condition of Algiers. Despite this separation, the area has noteworthy social capital stemming from the historic significance of Algiers Point. Further, the safety of the West bank’s shores make Algiers more of a safe haven from the wrath of hurricanes than many other parts of the city, giving Algiers a stable foundation for vitality and prosperity.

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