Excerpt from Article:

“…Plastic pollution is a growing global menace. Between 2010 and 2020, the global production of plastics increased from 270 million tonnes to 367 million tonnes. Every year, more than 12 million tonnes of plastics end up in the world’s oceans, with severe consequences for marine life. When macro plastics degrade into micro-plastics, they easily contaminate the food chain and pose significant threats to human health via inhalation and ingestion.

By 2030, plastic waste is expected to double to 165 million tonnes in African countries. Most of this will be in Egypt, Nigeria, South Africa, Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia….



Author: Dr Seun Kolade is an Associate Professor in Entrepreneurship and International Development and Associate Head International at Department of Management and Entrepreneurship at De Montfort University. Prior to joining DMU in January 2018, he held research and teaching positions at London South Bank University, University of Wolverhampton, and Loughborough University.

With a background in engineering and a PhD in International Development, Seun’s research activities cover the broad areas of transformative entrepreneuring, digital transformation, social capital, entrepreneurship education and SMEs’ innovation in turbulent environments, agricultural innovations, and post-disaster preparedness and response.