Daniela Rincon Reyes Headshot

Daniela Rincón Reyes

Global Development Coordinator






What are you studying at Northeastern and when is your expected graduation?

Daniela is in her second year of her master’s program in Media Advocacy and will be graduating this Spring. Originally from Bogotá, Colombia, Daniela first came to the US for her undergraduate studies in Nebraska, where she majored in Journalism and International Studies. She decided to move to Boston to pursue her Master’s in Media Advocacy at Northeastern.


Role and length of employment at GRI thus far.

Daniela joined GRI in February 2021 as a Content Strategist and is now working as a Global Development Coordinator.


How has GRI helped you with your professional or personal goals? What have you learned? What skills have you gained or been able to apply in projects? 

 Daniela joined GRI with a special interest in writing and storytelling. She was interested in growing her writing portfolio while being able to tell stories from a social justice perspective. She found that GRI was also looking to expand its editorial voice and content creation. As part of her degree, Daniela studies the intersection of public policy and journalism, so GRI became the perfect place to combine both fields of study.


Has your experience with GRI helped to define where you see your future career?

GRI has had a great impact in Daniela’s career as she has been able to expand her network and knowledge in fields she is very passionate about, including sustainability, gender studies, and international development. She has interviewed several GRI faculty affiliates and fellows, and authored content pieces on these subjects, which has grown her desire to work with organizations that help drive social change through solutions journalism, storytelling, or any writing/research-focused fields.


What does resilience mean to you? How will you apply the understanding of resilience that you gained at GRI to your future endeavors? 

 At GRI, Daniela learned resilience is the ability to not only bounce back but bounce forward. It not how quickly you adapt following a shock or how much you endure hardship, but being able to transition to better systems and thrive in new conditions, which can be applied to communities but also from a personal standpoint – accepting and allowing compassion for yourself as setbacks are only an opportunity for growth while also clearing up space for what no longer serves you.