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Distinguished Senior Fellow, John Plodinec continues his “Future Fit” blog series with a new post “Beyond Sustainability and Resilience: Questions.” In this post, John brings up a valuable question, “What should my community do to become Future Fit?”

Ultimately, there’s no single answer. The actions a community takes depend on the potential risks and opportunities the community may encounter in the future – and they are very much community-specific. However, there are still general questions that every community ought to ask themselves to be able to audit how prepared they are for turbulent times.

John explains that the first set of questions that a Future Fit community ought to have answers for revolves around the current quality of life it provides, what trajectory is the community evolving to demographically and economically, and lastly what are the threats to one’s community’s quality of life? ; Ultimately, a community’s own actions will determine what its future will be that is why it’s important to do provide a platform for one’s community to reflect and plan on ways to thrive in turbulent times.