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In an interview with leading peer-reviewed journal Big Data, author and PhD candidate Udit Bhatia describes the interdisciplinary effort behind the new textbook “Critical Infrastructures Resilience: Policy and Engineering Principles.”

“This book is the result of having taught a graduate course comprising public policy and engineering students at Northeastern University, Boston, for the past 4 years,” co-author Bahtia tells editor-in-chief Zoran Obradovic. “The genesis of this textbook came out of teaching the course, and the final contents have evolved significantly given the pace of new developments within this field. Throughout these years, we have found no good textbook that covers the engineering and policy aspects of critical infrastructures resilience in comprehensive yet principled way.”

Bahtia adds, “Hence, we decided to write the textbook ourselves.”

The textbook, aimed towards upper class undergraduates and first or second year graduate students for a course in critical infrastructures resilience, is co-authored with Global Resilience Institute (GRI) Founding Director Dr. Stephen E. Flynn, and by Northeastern professor and GRI Faculty Affiliate Auroop Ganguly.

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