Climate and Extreme Weather Events: Considerations for Insurance, Infrastructure Planning & Environmental and Financial Compliance | Global Resilience Institute

Climate and extreme weather events are threatening human health and safety, food, water and energy security, and the environment in broad areas ranging from the USA to China, Europe, Latin America, and the Caribbean. This paper focuses on the undeniable current climatic conditions (putting aside the questions of causes and reasons) and their influences and impacts upon the insurance market, primarily events that are happening more frequently, in locations not anticipated, and on larger scales than experienced historically.


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About the Author

Richard Donohoe

Distinguished Senior Fellow

Richard Donohoe serves as Vice President and practice director lead for J. S. Held’s Insurance sector support for energy, mining, oil & gas, power & utilities infrastructure programs. Concurrently he serves as Chief Development Officer of Paladin Equity’s energy project development company and a joint venture between J.S. Held and Paladin. He has 30 years of domestic and international project development experience and advisory in the resiliency sectors for energy, finance, mining, defense, water, and healthcare markets. He has developed full-range security risk and resilience services for gas and power transmission, power generation, water, oil, gas, and mining verticals, as well as buy-side and sell-side advisory for portfolio risk assessments. Richard’s focus is along with the energy, water, technology, and economic growth resiliency areas. Richard is Co-Author of the US Department of Energy and Power Africa “Understanding LNG and Natural Gas Options” and the 2017 US DOE “Global LNG Options” Handbooks, October 2016.