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Distinguished Senior Fellow, John Plodinec is back with another chapter from his Community Resilience series. In this chapter, he focuses on “trust” and provides adequate context and insights on how to promote trust amongst ourselves through its many key facets. Amidst the pandemic, and the political polarization of the masked and unmasked, as well as the vaccinated and the unvaccinated, John sees it as important to emphasize the work of┬áBernd Numberger who provides some interesting thoughts about how to build (or destroy) trust amongst ourselves.

All of this implies that building trust is a contact sport, and it takes time and effort. Above all, it requires that each of us is trustworthy. Trust is the glue that binds communities together; lack of trust cements barriers in place that can block community action. Trust is essential for community resilience, and for Future-Fit communities.


“We need to trust in order to make any decision.”

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