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Ganguly, Auroop

Auroop R. Ganguly directs the Sustainability & Data Sciences Laboratory (SDS Lab) at Northeastern University, where his research encompasses weather extremes, water sustainability and marine or urban ecology under climate change as well as the resilience of critical infrastructures and lifelines under natural or man-made hazards. He has developed and adapted computational solutions, especially in so-called “Big Data”, to solve problems in sustainability, security and business. His research in climate, hydrology and ecology has been accepted and published in interdisciplinary journals such as Nature, Nature Climate Change, PNAS, Scientific Reports, as well as the top disciplinary journals in hydrology, geophysics, and climate, and highlighted by scientific venues and by the national and international media. He has published and received best papers awards in top peer-reviewed computer science conferences or journals in the area of data mining and machine learning, as well as network sciences. In addition, he has published in information technology and sciences, with a particular focus on business intelligence and the supply chain. He has edited books on Knowledge Discovery from Sensor Data and has contributed to editorial, committee and workshop organizational service in civil engineering, geophysics, meteorology, operational research, electrical engineering and computer science societies. He has collaborated and published with a wide set of interdisciplinary researchers including in atmospheric and marine sciences, computer and network sciences, statistics, management sciences as well as law, economics and policy.

Prior to joining Northeastern University in Fall 2011, he had 7 years experience at the US DOE’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory, most recently as a Senior Scientist, in their Computational Sciences and Engineering division and the Climate Change Science Initiative in areas such as climate change, weather extremes, hydrology, geographic information science, critical infrastructures risk, sensor data mining, transportation and homeland security and defense. He was employed in product development and senior product management roles for about 5 years at Oracle Corporation in their time series database group and then in their supply chain e-business applications suite, followed by about a year at a startup, which in turn was subsequently acquired by Oracle Corporation. Ganguly has taught undergraduate courses in probability, engineering economy and climate change science and policy, in addition to graduate courses in applied time series and spatial statistics, critical infrastructures resilience and water resources, across three universities, namely, Northeastern University as a full time faculty, as well as Tennessee Knoxville and South Florida in joint faculty or visiting faculty roles, over the last 12 years.