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Mukerjee, Sanjeev

Dr. Sanjeev Mukerjee is a Professor in the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology (Northeastern University); where he has been since September of 1998. He also heads the newly created center for Renewable Energy Technology at Northeastern University and its subset the Laboratory for Electrochemical Advanced Power (LEAP). This center aims at enhancing education and research on all aspects of renewable energy and green chemistry with special emphasis on selective charge transfer at electrochemical and photo-electrochemical interfaces.

His research on charge transfer dynamics at both two- and three-dimensional electrochemical interfaces encompasses materials development, in situ synchrotron spectroscopy and electro-analytical methods. In addition, new computational initiatives are in progress involving both molecular modeling and simulation of multiple electron scattering in the context of in situ synchrotron XANES method. Peer reviewed publication currently number 150, with an H-factor of 59.

The current projects in the group include materials development for new electrocatalysts, polymer electrolyte membranes and high energy density (and capacity) cathode materials for aqueous and non-aqueous storage cells. Fundamental understanding of structure property relationships is in concert with applications. Among the seminal contributions are, the first demonstration of the power of true element specific in situ x-ray methods for understanding electrocatalysis and intercalation using synchrotron techniques of x-ray scattering and absorption.