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We now have millions of people confined to their homes. They may have heard some basic messages about how to be personally safe, but likely do not have a one-stop-shop for staying safe via good personal hygiene, keeping the home virus free, and also navigating going out in public or caring for sick family members.

An online training is now available that was put together by the Global Resilience Institute with Northeastern University. Stephen Flynn is the director there and I can vouch for anything he produces as to accuracy and the quality.

The link to the instruction is here: COVID-19 How to be Safe and Resilient.

I suggest you first share it with family and friends and then make it a resource that you share with your community via electronic communications — so they get the link.

Dr. Flynn also wrote an introduction (see below) to the training link that can be used to forward the information. He has done all the work for — you just need to distribute it!

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