If you are going to invest time, energy and money into becoming more disaster resilient, what type of effort are you putting into the social capital of your community or organization? GRI Faculty Affiliate Daniel Aldrich, Director of the Resilience and Security Studies Program at Northeastern University, shares in this podcast the importance of investing in social capital and how it can pay huge dividends. Having survived losing his home and all his possessions during Hurricane Katrina, he has some practical knowledge about the topic of social capital in disasters. His most recent book is Black Wave: How Networks and Governance Shaped Japan’s 3/11 Disasters.


About Disaster Zone:

Disaster Zone is hosted by Eric Holdeman, an emergency manager with over 30 years of experience at the federal, state and local levels of government. Disaster Zone is a podcast that focuses on all facets of disasters; the before, during and after of events that are increasingly impacting communities around the world. Podcasts run between 20-30 minutes with a mix of guests covering a range of disasters and issues that flow from them.


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