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We are a university-wide, interdisciplinary institute committed to advancing the security, sustainability, health and well-being of communities and societies around the world. Our aim is to serve as both a channel and a catalyst for experts in industry, academia, and government to collaborate on solving the world’s most pressing resilience challenges. These include both slowly emerging disruptions as well as shocks and sudden disasters.

The Global Resilience Institute offers a variety of ways for you to become active partners. We seek collaborators who share our commitment to bolster individual, community, and societal resilience by developing and deploying new tools, applications, and policies. Our work includes teaming with a rapidly growing network of local and regional emergency managers, urban planners, and infrastructure owners and operators to both learn from and actively support rapid recovery and adaptation in the aftermath of major disasters.

All nine colleges at Northeastern are involved in making ‘resilience’ a core institutional focus. In standing up the Global Resilience Institute, the university leadership has made a significant investment in a comprehensive approach that involves all academic disciplines.

Building resilience within and across multiple levels, from individual to societal, requires a comprehensive effort that matches the complexity of the increasingly interdependent systems and networks we all rely on. These shared dependencies fuel the risk of cascading failures that affect communities, systems, networks, and the broader global community in often unexpected ways. We strive to integrate expertise in science, healthcare, engineering, law, behavioral sciences, public policy, and business in identifying and advancing meaningful resilience solutions.

I encourage you to visit our research page and explore the work currently being funded by GRI. These cross-college projects demonstrate the enthusiasm of Northeastern faculty members from across the university community to engage in the kind of interdisciplinary research that informs and advances resilience.

Northeastern’s commitment to this global imperative could not be timelier. The global community needs new tools, applications, and policies to help confront the turbulence that has become the hallmark of this 21st Century. We must think anew, and act anew.

I invite you to explore our website and to get involved. We look forward to working with you.


Stephen E. Flynn, Ph.D.
Professor and Founding Director

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