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Distinguished Senior Fellow, Dr. Atyia Martin was featured on Boston Globe’s magazine for her Non-profit’s community-wide initiative, “Black City Hall”, that provides a platform intended to connect Black Bostonians with needed services and assistance on a variety of fronts.

Boston’s long history of racism means Black Bostonians have more trouble accessing the economic, social, and health support they need, leaving them more vulnerable in times of stress.

Addressing these gaps is the driving force behind the Community Communications Center, a virtual “Black City Hall,” launched by a Boston nonprofit where Black Bostonians can ask for help with securing food assistance, scheduling a COVID-19 booster shot, or repairing their credit.

“My goal is supporting Black people to be able to . . . transition from survival mode to thriving,” said Atyia Martin, the founder and executive director of the nonprofit behind the initiative, Next Leadership Development Corporation, or NextLeads.