Global Resilience Institute Founding Director Dr. Stephen Flynn joined ‘The President’s Inbox’ podcast on Tuesday, to discuss resilience – what is it, why is it important, and how is it relevant in our nation today?

“The concept of resilience really gets at a number of elements of how we have to deal with the growing shocks and disruptions of our lives,” said Flynn. “One element of resilience is the capacity to withstand a disruptive event or a shock – that’s what engineers often think about, building to be resilient against the ground moving from an earthquake – but resilience is also about this ability to bounce back or recover. So after a shock or after a major disruption, you’re able to get back up. But very importantly, another element of this evolving definition of resilience is this capacity to adapt. When you bounce back you should come back better and stronger. It’s what you should do before bad things happen, what you do after, and how you learn from that.”

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‘The President’s Inbox’ is a podcast hosted by The Council on Foreign Relations Director of Studies James M. Lindsay and Managing Editor Robert McMahon. It highlights the foreign policy challenges facing President Donald J. Trump.

[Featured image: Tommy Nevitt carries Miranda Abbott, 6, through floodwater caused by Hurricane Irma on the west side of Jacksonville, Fla., Monday, Sept. 11 2017. (Dede Smith/The Florida Times-Union via AP)]