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Apr 10 — Apr 14

American Association of Geographers Annual Meeting

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The American Association of Geographers Annual Meeting will take place on April 10-14, 2018 in New Orleans. Cordula Robinson, Northeastern professor and GRI Faculty Affiliate will present her paper, Quantitative and Qualitative Approaches to Measure Urban Resiliency, co-authored with Payden McRoberts and Todd Barr.

Cities need a plan and a strategy for implementation to maintain resiliency. This paper describes approaches to recognize economically stressed areas, and resulting impacts, to supplement traditional approaches of intuition, institutional knowledge, and public comment and assist with proactive decision making. Approaches identify areas of urban decay using demographic, economic, and transit-related data via statistically significant clustering for small-area plans in Salt Lake City, Clearfield.  Key variables include aging buildings, vacancy rates, poverty, and unemployment. A disinvestment index is created that incorporates effects of zoning including the Modifiable Areal Unit Problem. The Getis-Ord Gi* statistic z-score hot spot analysis is applied to the index to establish clustered values of decay. New areas of decay so identified, and overlooked in earlier studies, are understood in terms of a poorly planned built environment, unintended consequences of development in another area of the city, and general disinvestment in the area. It is suggested to create platforms for region-wide analysis using GeoMESA and GeoTrellis frameworks and derive ambient geographic information using OSINT to appraise community morale over areas of varying disinvestment and further augment results. Thus, measures of social fragility can be constructed quantitatively. The framework can accommodate additional inputs to recognize the convergence of multiple kinds of risks including issues around violence, and impacts of natural disasters.

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