What does more inclusive leadership to advance climate and energy justice look like? Join this webinar in a series on just sustainability transitions to discuss professor Jennie C. Stephens’s insights on energy and climate justice.

The urgency of climate change and sustainable energy seems to be gaining more and more attention. But who is involved, whose voices are being elevated, and how do our responses perpetuate or disrupt the concentration of wealth and power? What does more inclusive leadership look like to advance climate and energy justice?

Why we need antiracist, feminist leadership on climate & energy with Jennie C. Stephens
In this webinar, professor Jennie C. Stephens will share insights from her recent book “Diversifying Power: Why we need antiracist, feminist leadership on climate and energy”. This work captures the voices of those who have too often remained unseen and unheard in the fields of energy and climate.

Interactive World Café
After Jennie C. Stephens’s talk there will be an interactive World Café where participants are invited to share their thoughts, comments and questions, first with each other in smaller groups, followed by a moderated 30-minute Q&A session with Jennie C. Stephens.

This event is part of a webinar series on #JustSustainabilityTransitions that aims to deepen, translate and connect knowledge on transformative change towards more just and sustainable societies, in energy and other domains.

About the Speaker:

Jennie C. StephensJennie C. Stephens is the Director for Strategic Research Collaborations at the Global Resilience Institute, Director of Northeastern University’s School of Public Policy & Urban Affairs and the Dean’s Professor of Sustainability Science and Policy. Her research, teaching, and community engagement focus on social and political aspects of the renewable energy transition, reducing fossil fuel reliance, and strengthening societal resilience by integrating social justice with climate and energy policy. Her work explores institutional and cultural innovation in energy, including gender diversity and energy democracy, technological optimism, and enhancing the usability of climate science in strengthening climate resilience.


The event will take place, Thursday, April 22, 2021 at 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM ET. To register, click here.

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