Jennie C. Stephens, Ph.D.’s¬†research, teaching, and community engagement focus on integrating social justice, feminist, and anti-racist perspectives into climate and energy resilience, social and political aspects of the renewable energy transition, reducing reliance on fossil fuels, energy democracy, gender in energy and climate, and climate and energy justice. Her unique transdisciplinary approach integrates innovations in social science and public policy with science and engineering to promote social justice, reduce inequalities and redistribute power (electric power, economic power, and political power).¬†

Please join the virtual event hosted by the University of Houston Law Center in which Dr. Stephens discusses reasons for which having an Antiracist, feminist leadership is imperative to successfully combat climate change and reduce fossil fuel emissions.


The event will take place, Tuesday, May 25, from 10:30 to 11:30 AM ET. To register, click here.





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