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In this month’s webinar, we will discuss our human continuity in light of the latest disasters occurring on our planet.

All previous civilizations have perished.

What will it take to reverse the trend? How close are we to the brink?

From tech-driven infrastructures, resource and service networks to global supply chains: how can we work together to build resilience into the mushrooming interdependencies that are putting our civilization’s future at risk?

Join the discussion on Thursday, March 2, at 11:00 EST.

Chat will be open for this no-charge event.

An early taste of the upcoming Resilient Renewable Planet (R2P) Conference, April 17-19, London, UK.


  • Dr. Stephen Flynn, Professor & Director, Global Resilience Institute, Northeastern University, USA
  • Dr. Michel Bruneau, SUNY Distinguished Professor + Author of “The Blessings of Disaster: The Lessons That Catastrophes Teach Us and Why Our Future Depends on It”, USA
  • Avi Schnurr, CEO – EIS Council, Israel
  • Dr Chris Beck – our host , Chief Scientist and Vice President for Policy EIS Council, United States 


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