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Only July 26th Founding Director Stephen Flynn will join Governors’ staff and state leaders from across the country as he provides a keynote presentation to the National Governors Association (NGA) on the opening day of their State Learning Lab on Energy and Critical Infrastructure Resilience which runs through July 28th.  This event is hosted by the National Governors Association in Partnership with the State of North Carolina.


 As storms, natural disasters, and climate impacts increase in frequency and severity, energy and other critical infrastructure systems reliability is being put to the test. Reliable energy supplies and infrastructure operations are critical to community health, safety, and economic viability, and Governors are increasingly shifting focus to pre-disaster mitigation, preparedness, and adaptation to reduce the potential impacts of future events and prepare their states to respond and recovery more quickly.

In this learning lab, Governors’ staff and state leaders from across the country will convene with invited federal and industry experts to explore the policy, technical, and financial solutions that can be deployed to address state-specific threats, identify vulnerabilities, and prioritize investments to effectively improve energy and critical infrastructure resilience. At the event, each participating state and territory will develop a tailored set of actions to guide future policy, program development, and investment. If you have any questions, please email any of the following NGA staff.

 Topics addressed at this learning lab will include:

  • Case studies and discussions highlighting lessons from North Carolina and other leading states and territories;
  • The role state-wide resilience governance can play to secure critical infrastructure systems;
  • Guidance and best practices for planning and priority setting to intentionally deploy limited resources;
  • Coordination with the utility and private sectors to align prioritization and coordinate resilience actions;
  • Federal funding  available through the Bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act to deploy energy and critical infrastructure resilience;
  • State and territory action planning to help Governors plan, prioritize, and deploy resilience for their states and territories; and
  • A hands-on site tour (location TBA) to demonstrate resilience in action


Dan Lauf, Program Director, Energy, NGA

Alex Hsu, Policy Analyst, Energy, NGA

Evan Blankenberger, Policy Coordinator, NGA