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With global warming and climate change, hazards have been striking the earth more frequently and intensively. In response to this increase in events, it is imperative to conduct interdisciplinary research to address the emerging societal problems due to disasters. To stimulate collaboration across disciplines and help researchers within NAAHDRI develop their career, find partnerships, and stimulate conversations (especially junior faculty members, postdocs, and very senior Ph.D. students). The NAAHDRI Research Committee—co-chaired by John van de Lindt and Jamie Kruse, with Committee Member Grace Yan—are hosting one-hour NAAHDRI Research Incubator Events. These activities will be held quarterly through Zoom meetings. In each event, five researchers from science, engineering, social science, and economics are invited to present their research for 5 minutes and then join breakout rooms with each speaker for 30 minutes to discuss potential collaboration or just good debate and conversation! Are you looking for research collaborations? Are you are looking for new research ideas? Are you looking for collaborators in other disciplines related to disaster science and engineering? YOU are invited to join this free event, either as a presenter or a participant.

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If you would like to present in any of the four events, please send an email  to Dr. John van de Lindt at jwv@colostate.edu and Dr. Grace Yan at yang@mst.edu and indicate which day you would like to participate.


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