Dr. Serena Parekh Associate Professor of Philosophy, Director of Politics, Philosophy and Economics Program will show the importance of understanding there is not one but two global refugee crises. The first is the more well-known crisis faced by Western states who are asked to take in refugees and asylum seekers; the second crisis is the crisis faced by refugees themselves who are unable to find refuge anywhere in the world. Formulating a morally adequate refugee policy will require understanding both crises. Dr. Parekh will show why we should understand the global refugee crisis as a structural injustice and why this gives rise to a responsibility to address the crisis for refugees.


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About the Speaker:

Serena Parekh headshotGRI Faculty Affiliate Serena Parekh is an associate professor of philosophy at Northeastern University in Boston, where she is the director of the Politics, Philosophy, and Economics Program. She is the co-editor of Feminist Philosophy Quarterly. Her most recent book, No Refuge: Ethics and the Global Refugee Crisis  will be published by Oxford University Press in October 2020.Her primary philosophical interests are in social and political philosophy, feminist theory, and global justice.



The event will take place, Tuesday, May 11, 2021 from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM EST. To register, click here.

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