On Wednesday, May 26, IABC Houston is hosting a virtual webinar on resilience, preparedness and interagency coordination within cyber security, infrastructure and related industries requiring agile emergency response. Areas of focus will include:

  • What programs and curriculum have been and are being developed around critical resilience topics? 
  • How should key industry players be preparing to activate in the case of an emergency or crisis?
  • What entities are involved in an emergency response and how should they coordinate?

The panel will include GRI Founding Director Stephen E. Flynn and GRI Distinguished Senior Fellow Ed Emmett


Audience and Purpose

IABC Houston anticipates an audience of 75+ communications professionals from the United States and Canada to join the webinar. The audience will be composed of small business owners, senior-level communicators, and executives. The event will be formatted as a fireside chat, moderated by Pierpont Communications. Audience members will have a chance to submit questions throughout the session.


About IABC Houston

With approximately 200 professional communicators, IABC Houston is part of a global network of 10,000 business communication professionals in more than 70 countries who are committed to improving personal and professional growth as well as organizational effectiveness through strategic communications.

Founded in 1970, IABC Houston members include public relations and communication professionals from Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, communications agencies, nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and freelance writers and consultants. All have a commitment to continue professional development and a desire to network with other communicators.


The event will take place, Wednesday, May 26, from 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM ET. To register, click here.


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