The Conference for Advancing Evidence-Based Learning brought together educators from across Northeastern’s global network to showcase and inspire research and evidence-based practice in teaching and learning. This year’s virtual conference focused on building community and equity across Northeastern’s rich constellation of learning opportunities.

In educational contexts, the term “evidence-based” means both designing educational experiences based on findings from research on learning, student development, and other related fields, and carrying out structured inquiries that collect and analyze evidence to further understand learning. This year’s formats included presentations, workshops, roundtables, and posters. Northeastern’s holistic, lifelong approach to learning recognizes that everyone involved in a learner’s educational experience is an educator. Faculty, staff, administrators, post-doctoral fellows, and undergraduate and graduate students from all Northeastern campuses were invited to attend. Community and industry partners were also welcomed to co-present with their Northeastern collaborators.

At the conference, GRI Faculty Affiliate Moira Zellner and Experiential AI Postdoctoral Research Fellow Sebastian Ruf gave a presentation on “Cultivating Mindfulness, Creativity and Analytical Rigor for Participatory Modeling.” During their presentation, they explored how to integrate mindfulness and improv practices with traditional analytical approaches, in a course on participatory modeling for collaborative decision-making to address complex problems.


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