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GRI FY19 Seed Grant



November 6, 2017: FY19 Seed Grant Submission Portal opens

January 31, 2018: Deadline for submission of proposals

February 1, 2018: Proposals sent to review committee

March 19, 2018: Award notifications

June 1, 2018: Start of Grant period

September 30, 2019: Conclusion of grant period


Within the theme of resilience, the Institute will support multi-disciplinary research in eight strategic focus areas that draw on the diversity of resilience-related expertise that already exists at Northeastern University. This includes research capacity in network science, health sciences, coastal and urban sustainability, engineering, cyber-security and privacy, social and behavioral sciences, public policy, urban affairs, business, law, game design, architecture, and geospatial analysis.

1. Resilience tools: Development of models, visualization, and simulation tools to support urban planning; public policy; community development, public safety, security, and emergency management; and post-disaster recovery and adaptation

2. Resilience design: Research on cross-sector design of infrastructure, systems, and networks that prepare for climate change and other disruptive hazards – both man-made and naturally occurring

3. Resilience governance: Research on adaptable networked organizations, public, private and non-governmental organizations interactions, to manage increasingly complex and interdependent systems that operate across multiple political jurisdictions

4. Resilience incentives: Research on the role of regulations, standards, codes, and market-based incentives such as insurance and reinsurance that can advance early and widespread adoption of resilience best practices

5. Individual resilience: Research on individual capacity to cope and respond to trauma, adversity, and aging, including linkages between physical and emotional health

6. Measuring resilience: Development of tools, models, and methodologies to quantitatively evaluate the efficacy and cost-effectiveness of resilience solutions.

7. Community resilience: Research on social interactions networks and communication to include the role of social media within communities; cultural resilience; inclusive well-being and prosperity for all members of a community; barriers that contribute to growing socio-economic inequality, racial and gender exclusion, and other forms of disparity in vulnerabilities and opportunities

8. Security and resilience: Research on the role of resilience in response to transnational threats, critical infrastructure protection, and data and communications security

Proposals will be a single PDF document with a file name that clearly identifies the proposed project. The proposal must follow the template found in the “program description” with the following sections:

  • Proposal Cover Page (including contact Information of all co-PIs and necessary signatures)
  • Project Summary (200 words or less)
  • Research Plan (3-4 pages not including references)
  • Budget & accompanying Budget Justification
  • 2-page CVs for each of the co-PIs