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GRI Hosts Inaugural Flash Talks and Networking Event

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May. 17, 2017

On May 17, the Global Resilience Institute hosted its Inaugural Flash Talks and Networking Event. The event was a unique opportunity to bring together faculty and researchers from each of Northeastern University’s nine colleges. The event highlighted the cross-college resilience research projects being conducted across the University. As part of the Global Resilience Institute’s mission of fostering collaborative research, faculty at Northeastern  can compete for seed-funding of for resilience-related research. Proposals for seed-funding are required to engage researchers from at least two of Northeastern’s colleges.

Dr. Stephen Flynn (Political Science) and Dr. Changiz Mohiyeddini (Applied Psychology) discuss interdisciplinary approaches to bolstering resilience

GRI Director, Stephen Flynn highlighted the importance of an interdisciplinary approach to resilience in a world where all sectors and industries are connected by an increasingly complex supply chain. The Flash Talks served as a platform for researchers to discuss their own interdisciplinary solution to bolstering resilience. In a series of four-minute presentations, 20 researchers discussed topics that address all three levels of resilience: individual, community, and systems. Topics included post-traumatic growth and resilience on a personal level, the effects of engineered structures on coastal communities, and adapting smartphones to become ad-hoc telecommunication networks during disasters.

A key objective of the Global Resilience Institute’s seed-funding program is to create new cross-college relationships between resilience focused researchers. The event included three networking sessions that allowed faculty to share their respective research and begin to discuss new and innovative ways to integrate Northeastern’s world class expertise towards comprehensive resilience solutions to 21st Century threats.

For more information about the Global Resilience Institutes seed-funding program please click here.

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