On May 19, 2022, GRI Visiting Scholar, Fabian Steinmann, joined the IAPH Technical Committee for Risk and Resilience at the World Ports Conference in Vancouver, Canada. The Risk and Resilience Committee reviewed and guided the progress with the development of Business Continuity Policy and Risk Preparedness Guidelines for Ports. The Committee further reflected on the global supply chain crisis while also addressing some of the specific topics on its agenda including Climate Resilience and Maritime Anti-Corruption. Finally, the Committee oversaw the developments related to the IAPH World Ports Tracker and discussed the way forward on tracking port performance.

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Fabian Steinmann

Safety and Accident Investigation Centre, School of Aerospace, Transport and Manufacturing, Cranfield University PhD Student in Aviation Resilience

Fabian is a Doctoral Researcher at the Safety and Accident Investigation Centre at Cranfield University and a Visiting Research Scholar at the Global Resilience Institute. His work investigates the resilience of the United Kingdom air transportation industry. The goal of his Ph.D is to provide empirical evidence of where and how features of resilience are already being used in air transportation operations and identify opportunities for the aviation system to implement the concept of resilience. Fabian regularly attends the meetings of the Industry Resilience Group, a collaboration between airlines, airports, air navigation service providers, and the regulator in the United Kingdom.

With the interest of the industry in resilience increasing, Fabian’s research proved to be topical but also applicable to many disciplines and sectors. In 2021, he was involved in an IAPH research project, investigating the resilience management of ports around the world. Fabian is a great supporter of cross industry collaboration and learning. Presenting his research findings to the IAPH committee and examining how the concept of resilience applies to the aviation industry provides the opportunity to share best practices and innovative solutions.