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GRI Faculty Affiliate Brian Helmuth, Aquanaut and Marine Scientist, and Keith Ellenbogen, famed underwater photographer, were featured in a podcast discussing the role of photography in conservation. Helmuth and Ellenbogen talk about their current project using photography to help people understand nature and inspire conservation efforts.

About Solve It For Kids Podcast:

Named #1 of the Top 10 Best Podcasts for Home Learning! Solve It For Kids gives you a peek into the world of real-life, experienced scientists, engineers, and experts. As you listen to their podcasts, you will learn how these professionals solve problems in their everyday jobs. This podcast is not just for students; they are also for parents and teachers seeking new ideas to teach their kids. Jed Doherty, an iHeartRadio Best Kids and Family Podcast Award nominee, and Jennifer Swanson, a STEM enthusiast herself, are the podcast’s hosts. Join them as they solve mind-boggling problems and answer questions that raise our eyebrows.


Listen to the full podcast here.