In this resilience piece by GRI Outreach Coordinator, Shemilore Daniels, she notes “Museums and historical sites play a critical role in communities by preserving their legacies and histories which often hold strong cultural significances. However, the constant threat of climate change has had an impact on not only communities but museums, continuing to threaten their very existence and thereby threating local culture and heritage across the world.”

Shemie looks at several of these institutions in different countries and examines what they have created in terms of disaster risk plans, resilience plans and projects that focus on restoration, sustainability, and community resilience.




Shemie is a first year graduate student at Northeastern University pursuing a Master’s in Public Health and joined the Global Resilience Institute in August 2022 as an Outreach Coordinator. Born and raised in California, she pursued her undergraduate degree at Pepperdine University studying nutritional science and public health.