Every state, city, and town is a system of systems. Public schools. Transportation. Housing. Local commerce. Industry and manufacturing. Law enforcement. Infrastructure. Sanitation. The list goes on, and each is a critical, interdependent component of our daily lives.

The coronavirus pandemic has severely debilitated each of these systems, causing them to operate in unanticipated ways. Their vulnerabilities and inequities have been exacerbated and new ones revealed. The consequences are especially acute for some individuals and communities — often those who are the least privileged.

Right now, Governor Charlie Baker is laying out plans for a gradual reopening of the economy. This, then, is the time to develop strategies for supporting each of society’s systems, targeting not only recovery but also how they can be more equitable and resilient than they were. Luckily, Massachusetts is in a distinctively strong position to do so thanks to our world-class innovation and education sectors.

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