Power. Whether the context is the natural world, or the human-centered world, power is a thread that weaves its way through every aspect of our lives. Power is both necessary and sacred – so what exactly does it mean to “diversify” power?

With special guest, Dr. Jennie C. Stephens, Director of the School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs at Northeastern University, and host Dr. S. Atyia Martin, CEO and Founder of All Aces, Inc., we will explore this question and the “how” and “why” of the necessity to integrate social justice, feminist, and anti-racist perspectives into climate and energy resilience and beyond. Dr. Jennie C. Stephens, author of the book, “Diversifying Power: Why We Need Antiracist, Feminist Leadership on Climate and Energy,” argues that effectively addressing climate change requires diversifying leadership, redistributing wealth and power, and moving beyond mainstream male-dominated technocratic solutions to climate change.


Watch the full interview here.