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Erin Bourque

2019 Thomas R. Pickering Foreign Affairs Fellow

Erin’s first introduction to resilience came in 2016 through her work as a research assistant at the Center for Resilience Studies, GRI’s precursor. There, she focused on watershed management and interdependency challenges following record flooding in South Carolina before leaving the Center to spend a year studying Russian in Kazakhstan. Upon her return, she rejoined the team at GRI and worked on projects ranging from gray zone conflict and cybersecurity to the implementation of the inaugural Global Resilience Research Network Summit in Boston. Now, Erin is in her final semester at Northeastern and will graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and International Affairs with minors in Russian and History. Following graduation, she will attend graduate school and join the 2019 Thomas R. Pickering Foreign Affairs Fellowship. U.S. Foreign Service as a Thomas R. Pickering Graduate Foreign Affairs Fellow.