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Clark Freifeld

Khoury College of Computer Sciences Lecturer

Professor Clark Freifeld is a lecturer in computer science at Northeastern University. His research focuses on applications of computing technology and artificial intelligence to the improvement of population health. He also serves as an affiliate faculty member at the Innovation and Digital Health Accelerator at Boston Children’s Hospital. Professor Freifeld has co-authored over twenty journal articles and co-founded and overseen a range of health informatics projects. His projects include: HealthMap, a global disease surveillance platform; MedWatcher, a medical product safety monitoring system; and StreetRx, a crowdsourcing tool for understanding black market pharmaceutical transactions.

Professor Freifeld’s work has been used by millions of people and supported by public health agencies including CDC, WHO, DHS, DOD, HHS, and FDA, as well as being recognized by the Smithsonian and Library of Congress. Before joining the faculty at Northeastern, Freifeld was co-founder and chief technology officer of Epidemico, a health informatics spinout from Boston Children’s and MIT, now a division of Booz Allen Hamilton. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Mathematics from Yale University, a master’s from the MIT Media Lab, and a PhD in Biomedical Engineering from Boston University.