Fabian Steinmann

Resilience in Air & Aviation Systems (Cranfield University) GRRN Ph.D. Visiting Research Scholar

Fabian is a Visiting Research Scholar at the Global Resilience Institute at Northeastern University. The stay at the GRI is part of his Ph.D. research at the Safety and Accident Investigation Centre at Cranfield University (UK). His Ph.D. investigates the resilience of the UK air transportation system.

Fabian is a third-year Ph.D. research student and the motivation for his Ph.D. comes from his research interest in developing safety concepts and mitigation strategies. The goal of Fabian’s work is to provide empirical evidence of where and how features of resilience are already being used in air transportation operations and to identify opportunities for the aviation system to implement the concept of resilience.

Fabian regularly attends the meetings of the Industry Resilience Group, a collaboration between airlines, airports, air navigation service providers, and regulators in the UK. With the interest of the aviation industry in resilience increasing, Fabian’s research proved to be topical but also applicable to many disciplines and sectors.

The stay at the GRI provides the opportunity to share his research findings with the GRI team, explore overlapping activities, and collaborate on the topic of resilience.