Resilience media: Reporting on coastal cities and climate change | Global Resilience Institute

This project examines the dynamics of news media ecosystems on coastal cities as they relate to climate change and resilience. Analyzing how news organizations are reporting on the threats posed by climate change to coastal cities, this projects focuses on assessing national outlets, major urban outlets, and specialized outlets with the goal to demonstrate why high-quality public affairs in journalism is essential to collective decisions about coastal resilience, identifying best practices and weaknesses in coverage.

To accomplish this, the project team has synthesized available scholarships, assessed patterns in coverage, and conducted interviews with journalists and experts. Additionally, in partnership with the Boston Area Research Initiative (BARI), the team has worked to develop models for more data-driven, forward-thinking news coverage, and explored uses of open data in public communication, as well as conduct interviews with philanthropists who invest in new models of non-project journalism

Project Principal Investigators