Richard Mroz, GRI Distinguished Corporate Fellow and adviser to Protect Our Power, presented the report at the NARUC Critical Infrastructure and Electricity Committee

In a series of research reports on cybersecurity issues in the United States, Protect Our Power and the Institute for Energy and the Environment at Vermont Law School have issued a Phase 2 Report entitled ‘Improving the Cybersecurity of the Electric Distribution Grid.’

The Phase 2 report defines potential solutions to overcoming the barriers identified in the Phase 1 report, which was published in early 2019. The latest report defines also identifies specific ways in which utilities, state regulators, state legislators, governors, and federal agencies can come together to implement practical solutions to address critical grid concerns. The report emphasizes a preference for best practices in cybersecurity rather than standards in an attempt to promote continuous improvement necessary to manage an ever-evolving threat.

Richard S. Mroz, Distinguished Corporate Fellow at GRI, serves as an adviser for Protect Our Power, alongside a panel of experts from various sectors. Protect Our Power is an independent, non-partisan, not-for-profit organization with deep utility industry and electric grid-related experience and insight.

Since its publication, the report has been presented at the NARUC Critical Infrastructure and Electricity committees by Richard Mroz and Professor Mark James of Vermont Law School.

Read the full report here.