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This library gathers the latest thinking and analysis related to resilience policy, science, strategy, management, implementation, and the range of threats faced by communities around the world in order to help inform and educate students, practitioners, and policymakers.

GRI’s Resource Library is grouped into five categories: ‘Affiliate’ contains publications published by our Faculty Affiliates; ‘GRI Publications’ contains our published reports; ‘Partner Publications’ can include works published by organizations, institutes, companies and universities with whom we collaborate; and ‘Seed Grant Publications’ are works authored by Northeastern faculty who have been awarded a GRI seed grant.

Although natural and man-made disruptions often cascade across multiple infrastructure sectors – and these sectors are inherently interdependent – for ease of navigation this library is divided into 15 of the most critical sectors dealt with by resilience researchers, practitioners and policymakers on a daily basis. Based on the material’s scope, some items may be categorized under multiple sectors.

This collection is not exhaustive and is being continually expanded to include information on developing global and domestic security challenges and the latest research on the political, economic and scientific landscape in which 21st century challenges and solutions develop and evolve.

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