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Resilience Enhancement System

The Global Resilience Institute’s core capability for empowering societal resilience improvements in communities is our Resilience Enhancement System. Part data analysis and part community engagement, the system provides an objective and thorough analysis of the likely resilience benefits from proposed investments. The system has been developed to provide communities with a comprehensive decision-support process to guide the prioritization of their investment needs for enhancing resilience, thereby reducing risk for the affected community and investors while increasing the probability of success for all stakeholders.

The strengths, weaknesses and interdependencies of community functions — including physical systems, economic factors and social dynamics – understood and analyzed through this system provide:

An objective evaluation of the compatibility of a customer’s proposed investment with the resilience needs of the community

An estimation of the changes to resilience trajectory caused by the investment

A thorough understanding of community needs

Suggested adaptations that will improve the investment’s potential for sustained success or the increased resilience of the community overall



The system begins with a GRI-developed Resilience Snapshot of infrastructure, economic, and social data that creates a portrait of the Opportunity Zone and its adjacent community. Anchored on indicators of resilience developed over years of academic research and practical experience, the GRI Resilience Snapshot ensures that all assessments are evidence-based and pragmatic.


The most powerful element of the GRI Resilience Enhancement System is an in-depth focused community engagement, integrated with the objective data of the Resilience Snapshot to create a Community Resilience Baseline Assessment. This cooperatively-created assessment clearly identifies the current state of the OpZone and allows an informed analysis of any proposed OpZone investment.,


When a specific investment or suite of investments is identified, the Project Resilience Enhancement Profile measures its likely effect on the resilience of the OpZone and its surrounding community and is based on information gathered in the Community Resilience Baseline Assessment. Closely examining the most probably effects of the investment on proven infrastructure, economic, and social indicators of resilience, the Project Resilience Enhancement Profile tells the community and the investor how the investment will affect the OpZone’s overall resilience.

The Resilience Enhancement System helps to ensure that projects will be sustainable and resilient over their projected lifespans, thus helping to protect the investments. Accordingly, there is a compelling economic interest as well as community interest for these projects to adopt resilience best practices that ensure they are around for the long-term.