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As new information continues to develop regarding the current state of COVID-19, communities are left to adapt to the newly implemented policies by their government. Though there isn’t a clear timeline of ending the pandemic, individuals and communities are quickly adjusting and planning for what is to come. Both as a community and as individuals, the concept of resilience is being practiced, halting the spread of the virus. By following the health sectors guidance, individual efforts to stop the spread have shown to be effective in some countries. Although the community’s response has been incredibly diligent and effective, there needs to be a plan for what comes after. This is a crucial step that communities must start preparing to come out on the other side as efficiently as possible.

A multilateral comprehensive plan needs to be developed by every community. Events such as the Ebola outbreak in western Africa and the influenza outbreak mirror the current events very closely. Though these are health-related disasters, the rebuilding structure also reflects those of natural disasters as well. Since the international community as well as individual countries have been able to recover from these events, there are plans that can be adjusted to the existing pandemic. The combination of previous resilience plans with the current research of the pandemic, is instrumental to the future of communities when deciding how to move forward in the midst of the crisis and what to do after these events. Below is a collection of resources that detail some of previous pandemic resilience efforts and further information about current conditions:

Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS)

Crisis and Emergency Risk Communication in A Pandemic: A Model for Building Capacity and Resilience Of Minority Communities.

Stress, Resilience, And the Role of Science: Responding to The Coronavirus Pandemic

Pandemic Preparedness and Health Systems Strengthening

Whole-Of-Society Pandemic Readiness Who Guidelines for Pandemic Preparedness and Response in The Non-Health Sector (Geneva, July 2009)

Building Employee Resilience During A Pandemic

Resilience and Routines for Families During the Pandemic

SSIR Guide to Resilient Leadership During the COVID-19 Crisis