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Leaders recognize cross-functional collaboration as integral to organizational resilience. But are they truly putting their money where their mouths are? A recent study conducted by Economist Impact, sponsored by Iron Mountain, shows that building resilience requires a systemic, coordinated organization-wide approach, this stands in direct contrast to the more risk-specific, functional approaches we’ve seen being pursued in the past.

Dr. Stephen Flynn was invited to share his thoughts as to how the world becoming increasingly unpredictable these past couple of years, is causing leaders to become more accountable for their actions to ensure their organization is ready to face the future.

“Resilience is about bouncing forward”, says Dr. Flynn who has realized that despite the recognition of cross-functional collaboration being important to the impact of resilience, many organizations are reverting to the zone where they feel safest—centralized decision-making and function-specific planning— something Dr. Flynn calls “the antithesis of cross-functional collaboration.”