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Earthquake Risk Study for Oregon’s Critical Energy Infrastructure Hub

Topics: Emergency Management, Energy, Supply Chain, Transportation, Critical Infrastructure Theory, Policy and Practice,

This is a final report to the Oregon Department of Energy and Oregon Public Utility Commission, put together by the Department of Geology and Mineral Industries. It discusses the danger to Oregon's Critical Energy Infrastructure Hub during an earthquake, specifically a magnitude 9.0 Cascadia earthquake. Liquid fuel, natural gas, and electric infrastructure are all on this six mile strip along the Willamette River outside of Portland, including more that 90% of Oregon's fuel that goes through this hub. The land is highly prone to liquefaction, it would act like liquid during an earthquake, so it is likely to be highly damaged, especially as much of the infrastructure was built before seismic codes. The report breaks down the hazards, how the energy sector currently functions, what vulnerabilities exist, and ends with recommendations.

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