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Final Report of the Task Force on Combating Terrorist and Foreign Fighter Travel

Topics: Terrorism,

This is the final report from a bipartisan task force tasked with "examining the threat to the United States from ‘foreign fighters'" returning from conflict zones. It comes to the conclusion that the threat the United States and other Western countries face from these "returnees" is very real and must be dealt with seriously. The report points out that many fighters, including 250 individuals from the U.S., have left their home countries to participate in the war in Syria. As a result, the report concludes, these fighters have gained military experience and been exposed to radical ideological elements. The report also finds that efforts made by the United States and other countries to stem the flow of fighters to conflict zones has been insufficient, and that the U.S. lacks a national security strategy for dealing with this new threat. Some of the gaps identified include the absence of a central, international database for known foreign fighters, the failure to develop "early-intervention strategies," and the lack of threat awareness.

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