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Utilities Must Go Beyond ‘Hardening’ the Current Grid

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This Wall Street Journal article presents two courses of action for creating a more resilient energy grid. The first advocates for more regulation that proper investments and best technologies are deployed to create electrical grid reliability and resilience and the second suggests that instead of more regulation, more coordination is needed between industry and regulators on what needs to be done and who will pay for it. GRI Seed Grant Researcher and Northeastern Professor, Dr. Jennie Stephens takes the side of more regulation, stating that current efforts focus too much on restoring an outage instead of focusing on preventing outages by requiring updates to the grid and installations of distributed renewable energy. In contrast, managing director of Sonecon LLC and former Assistant Secretary of Defense for Homeland Defense and Americas' security affairs Paul Stockton maintains that electric companies are already investing in resilience and what is needed is a fair way to appropriate the costs of maintaining the energy grid.

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