Senior Research Scientist Rob Knake testified before the House Homeland Security Committee’s Cybersecurity Subcommittee on Tuesday, October 22. The hearing, focused on the future of cybersecurity and emerging cyber threats, was organized for lawmakers to better understand how the benefits of new technology and innovation can be effectively utilized despite the security risks they come with. Knake argued that, while progress has been made in building security over the years, these innovations must spread to other parts of the market to foster widespread resilience.

As the technological landscape is rapidly changing, government and private industry stakeholders must work collaboratively to develop a national strategy for defending against cyber attacks. In his testimony, Knake highlighted GRI’s work on developing a secure collaboration platform for threat sharing, work with Oak Ridge National Lab on creating a separate network for critical infrastructure, and work funded by the National Science Foundation on developing a Cyber NTSB.

View Rob’s full testimony here.

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