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Scholars in the humanities and social sciences will study human migration as part of a ‘temporary research center’ supported by a Mellon Sawyer Seminar grant.

This story was originally published October 16, 2020. It has been updated with details about the events and participants.

The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation has awarded the University of Rochester one of its prestigious grants for a Sawyer Seminar on the Comparative Study of Cultures, to support the project “Unbordering Migration in the Americas: Causes, Experiences, Identities.”

The interdisciplinary seminar series will explore neglected but vital aspects of human migration in the Western hemisphere, considering the political, social, and economic circumstances of migration to and within the Americas over time.

Beginning in September, the project will feature public lectures, biweekly seminars, monthly workshops, film screenings, and an art exhibition-all of which are free and open to the public. Featured speakers include:

  • Serena Parekh, Northeastern University philosopher and author of No Refuge: Ethics and the Global Refugee Crisis (2020)
  • Alex Aleinikoff, former UN deputy high commissioner for refugees
  • Douglass Massey, Princeton University professor and author of American Apartheid (1993)
  • David Chang, University of Minnesota historian and author of The World and All the Things Upon It: Native Hawaiian Geographies of Exploration (2016)
  • Sarah Fine, King’s College London political philosopher and coauthor of Migration in Political Theory: The Ethics of Movement and Membership (2016)