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A group of robotics engineering students on Northeastern’s Boston campus is headed to Denmark later this month on a mission focused on global collaboration and knowledge-sharing.

The Northeastern students—six in all—will attend a robotics summer school organized by the Danish government and private companies there. The inaugural program runs July 28-August 13 and will be held at the University of Southern Denmark in the city of Odense, the hub for more than 50 robotics companies.

This is no ordinary summer school. It is an elite, selective program whereby global universities with renowned robotics departments were invited to participate, according to Taskin Padir, associate professor of electrical and computer engineering at Northeastern and director of the university’s Institute for Experiential Robotics.

“They want to focus on geographical diversity around the globe as well as proven leadership in research in robotics at these institutions,” Padir says of the schools chosen for the program. Besides Northeastern, other selected schools include the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, the Technical University of Munich, and several Danish universities. A total of 50 students worldwide will participate.

“Experiential robotics is about our researchers experiencing different cultures and opening them up to new research directions,” Padir says. “This summer school program is one vehicle that we saw as an opportunity for our students.”

One of them, Stephen Alt, who is pursuing a master’s degree in computer science, says he is most looking forward to collaborating with other students from different countries. “This is going to be my first step outside to create an international network and to meet and learn about robotics with others globally,” he says.


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