With the increasing frequency and intensity of storms, disasters are not rare and unknowable events — but “this reality should not be a source of angst and despair for it turns out that the discipline and dynamism that comes from embedding resilience across a business enterprise results in firms that perform better on blue-sky days,” Global Resilience Institute Founding Director Dr. Stephen Flynn explains in a recent article.

Facing a future with rising sea levels, extended heat waves and droughts, rain deluge and coastal storm surge, embedding resilience helps not only with a faster, smarter recovery but also with mitigating the risk of cascading failures when disruptive events inevitably occur.

“There is much we can and should be doing to mitigate the destruction that disasters reap,” writes Dr. Flynn in the CIOReview article. “Communities, companies, and countries need to focus on building resilience as a way to not just survive, but to thrive in the face of a future promising plenty of turbulence.”

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