Ade Obayomi headshot

Adeoluwa Obayomi

Marketing and Communications Assistant





What you are studying at Northeastern and when is your expected graduation?

M.S. in Informatics with a concentration in Human-Computer Interaction, 2023


Role and length of employment at GRI thus far.

Marketing and Communications Assistant ~ 6 months


Please provide a short background about yourself and what you are studying at Northeastern.

I am a first-year grad student at the College of Professional Studies at Northeastern University where he is pursuing an MS in Informatics with a concentration in Human-Computer Interaction.


What brought you to GRI? What about GRI interests you either personally or professionally?

The mantra of advancing resilience in individuals, communities, and societies. Personally, I just like helping people where I can, and through GRI though I am not having a direct impact, it is worthwhile to see what resilient professionals in the Global Resilience Institute and GRRN are doing the make the world a better place.


How has GRI helped you with your professional goals? What have you learned? What skills have you gained?

Mostly learning cross-functional collaboration skills. Working with people with different responsibilities within the Marketing Team has also helped grow my communication skills to ensure that all things are in place when creating web pages and other marketing collateral for proposals, events, and other projects.


How will your experience at GRI affect your future career?

Useful collaboration skills that will be helpful in my future career. Also, the experience of working with tight deadlines at GRI will have a useful impact on my future career.


What does resilience mean to you? How will you apply the understanding of resilience that you gained at GRI to your future endeavors?

Having the will to get back up when you have been pushed back. The world is a tough place and people experience challenges all the time. Some are much direr than others, but nonetheless, any troubling situation that takes resilience to overcome is not an easy situation to be in. Because of the GRI, I do not think I will ever forget what the world “resilience” entails and I believe it is a good mantra to keep when the world gives you lemons.