Resilience Education | Global Resilience Institute

With more than 110 affiliated faculty members directly tied to our mission, as well as the range of expertise and education available across Northeastern University, harnessing this knowledge is critical.

Universities play four roles in society that can advance resilience:

  1. Teach: through courses, degrees, and education programming train people for the future
  2. Research: can influence society through impactful knowledge creation
  3. Model: be a microcosm to demonstrate best practices
  4. Engage: with different communities, convening non-academic actors, and more

Successfully undertaking efforts to advance resilience on a global scale requires a sustained commitment to multi-and interdisciplinary research, close coordination and collaboration with public and private sector practitioners and developing new experiential education programs that will help prepare the next generation of leaders. We are proud to be a part of an organization that not only supports this type of mission, but also promotes and enforces the importance of resilience.